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2020, 2(1): 28-42

Published Date:2020-2-20 DOI: 10.1016/j.vrih.2020.01.001

Virtual assembly framework for performance analysis of large optics


A longstanding technological challenge exists regarding the precise assembly design and performance optimization of large optics in high power laser facilities, comprising a combination of many complex problems involving mechanical, material, and laser beam physics.
In this study, an augmented virtual assembly framework based on a multiphysics analysis and digital simulation is presented for the assembly optimization of large optics. This framework focuses on the fundamental impact of the structural and assembly parameters of a product on its optical performance; three-dimensional simulation technologies improve the accuracy and measurability of the impact. Intelligent iterative computation algorithms have been developed to optimize the assembly plan of large optics, which are significantly affected by a series of constraints including dynamic loads and nonlinear ambient excitations.
Finally, using a 410-mm-aperture frequency converter as the study case, we present a detailed illustration and discussion to validate the performance of the proposed system in large optics assembly and installation engineering.


Virtual assembly ; Multiphysics ; Simulation ; Large optics

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Jinli ZHANG, Hui WANG, Bowu LIU, Dongya CHU, Xu XU, Guoqing PEI. Virtual assembly framework for performance analysis of large optics. Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware, 2020, 2(1): 28-42 DOI:10.1016/j.vrih.2020.01.001


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