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2020, 2(1): 56-69

Published Date:2020-2-20 DOI: 10.1016/j.vrih.2019.12.004

Survey on path and view planning for UAVs


Background In recent decades, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have developed rapidly and been widely applied in many domains, including photography, reconstruction, monitoring, and search and rescue. In such applications, one key issue is path and view planning, which tells UAVs exactly where to fly and how to search.MethodsWith specific consideration for three popular UAV applications (scene reconstruction, environment exploration, and aerial cinematography), we present a survey that should assist researchers in positioning and evaluating their works in the context of existing solutions. Results/Conclusions It should also help newcomers and practitioners in related fields quickly gain an overview of the vast literature. In addition to the current research status, we analyze and elaborate on advantages, disadvantages, and potential explorative trends for each application domain.


Unmanned aerial vehicle ; Path planning ; View panning ; Multi-view reconstruction ; Autonomous exploration ; Scene navigation ; Obstacle avoidance ; Drone cinematography ; Camera control

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Xiaohui ZHOU, Zimu YI, Yilin LIU, Kai HUANG, Hui HUANG. Survey on path and view planning for UAVs. Virtual Reality & Intelligent Hardware, 2020, 2(1): 56-69 DOI:10.1016/j.vrih.2019.12.004


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